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Award Nomination Guidelines

Adopted by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Awards Committee

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Guidelines on the preparation of nominations for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and University awards for nominations submitted to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Chart with Deadlines [PDF]

   There are two separate pools of awards that are reviewed by the CALS Faculty Awards Committee.  One pool is for awards given by CALS; the other is for awards given by the University (ISU). There are separate nomination instructions for each of these awards.  Some of the awards at the ISU level are similar to CALS awards (cognate), and others have no CALS equivalent.  For ISU awards with no CALS equivalent, qualified faculty are encouraged to apply.  The CALS awards committee will forward the best 2-3 such nominations to the University, and may rank them.

     For University Awards with a similar (or cognate) CALS award, faculty and staff are expected to win the award at the College level before the awards committee will consider forwarding their ISU Award nomination to the University. Past award winners at the CALS level may apply for cognate ISU awards at any time.   For early career achievement awards (or any award with a pressing time constraint), concurrent nomination packets for CALS and ISU are encouraged, although the ISU packet will not be sent on to the University unless the nominee wins at the CALS level.  For all ISU awards, the CALS Awards Committee will forward the best 2-3 nominations for each award to the University, and may rank them.  In the event that there are no nominees for an ISU award, the CALS awards committee may ask the Department of the winning packet at the CALS level to prepare the packet for nomination at the University level. An individual can receive each award only once.

Note: A person may receive a particular award one time only. Be sure to check the past winners list before preparing a nomination.

Although there are two separate pools, the nominations for both pools must be submitted to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences by the third Tuesday in November.** Both pools of nominations are ranked separately by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty Awards Committee during December. The ranked nominations for the University awards are then sent forward to the Provost Office, who then considers these rankings in selecting award winners later during spring semester. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences awards are presented at the CALS Spring Awards Program, held early spring semester. The ISU awards are presented in September at the ISU Fall Convocation.

CALS will officially and confidentially notify award winners and their Departmental chairs by mid-January if a nomination is successful.  CALS appreciates the hard work that goes into each award nomination, but cannot individually notify each nominee or nominator about the outcome of the awards process.   All CALS award winners will be publically announced at the CALS Awards Ceremony, usually held in February or March.  Nomination packets for nominees who do not win College awards may be resubmitted without updating letters of recommendation if the letters are dated within about two years of the resubmission date.

Most nominations are to be submitted electronically by the deadline indicated to the contact listed.

Note: The college deadline dates are earlier than the provost's to allow for a review.

*There are two more pools, not reviewed by the College committee: Alumni Association awards, and ISU Extension awards.

**Note: The college reviews and ranks all university award nominations except the university P&S awards. Send those nominations directly to the Provost’s office by Feb. 10. All other nominations are due to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for review and ranking by the third Tuesday in November, regardless of the due date specified by the Provost office.


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